Monogram Customization

There are 3 options you have to add a personalized logo to your KARA Bag - 


1. Metal Plate - Metal Logos can be laser engraved and stitched onto the bag. It would cost 15-20 Rs per logo. We’ll need to see which logos are available with the vendor at that point in time. It would take 5-7 days to close this process. 


Metal Plate

 2. Embossing on Tag - Luggage tags can be embossed. It would cost approx 35-40 Rs to make the luggage tag in PU material in 1 week’s time. To emboss the luggage tag, a die can be made by approx 800-1000 Rs, and then the vendor will charge nominal rates (5-10 Rs) to emboss each unit depending on the quantities to be embossed. It’ll take 3-4 days to complete this process. So, along with making the luggage tag & then embossing it, it would take approx 10-12 days. The branded luggage tag can be dangled on the handle of the trolley bag.


3. Screen Printing - We work with a printing vendor to execute this. It could be done for 10-15 Rs per unit and would take 5-7 days to process it.