Marketing & Communications

KARA Workplace: Marketing & Communications Requirement


We have a marketing & communications opportunity that recently opened here at KARA. You could check to know more about us.


Our Core Philosophy & Focus


We are an emerging brand focused on Business Bags. For a long time, bags used by working professionals have been treated as a somewhat boring, simple utility with minimal emphasis on both aesthetics and function. We are keen to build products that elevate business bags to a lifestyle product that improves a user’s commuting or business travel experience dramatically. Besides creating a distinct visual identity, there is scope to organize a user’s belongings better and create a more seamless working experience. To build such unique products, would require a problem solving orientation towards solving pain points of working professionals and an attention to design detail that current mass market brands built on manufacturing / distribution muscle completely miss out on.

Likely Communications Role Requirements


- Primary ownership to keep the brand visible across all digital channels
- Writing content for all digital assets: website & social channels
- Coordinate with vendors (agencies, photographers) for content generation
- Familiarity with new age tools to build brand awareness online
- Knowledge of good SEO practices that enables our content to be searched
- Bring our product range to life through sharp product descriptions & visuals
- Research & Generate ideas for articles that can be published online

Our Background


KARA Workplace is focused on making your working lifestyle more productive - by helping you choose the right bag for your daily commute or for your frequent business trips. We launched in 2012 and our product design workshop & manufacturing unit is located in New Delhi. We are building a digital first brand, where our core channel of communication / distribution is online.


Aditya Khanna,
Co-founder, KARA Workplace
Bags for the Workplace! / 9910108483